Step By Step Bonus Affiliate Training: 0 to 10k in 30 days

This is a 7-hour course where we will take you step by step for you to start generating your first profits online through affiliate marketing. We cover creating your website, getting traffic, getting the right offers. 
This is a complete program for you to get started on affiliate marketing. All you need is to spend 30 minutes everyday for 30 days. (The 30-30 Strategy)

Note: Do Give 5 - 10 Seconds for the videos to load

  • Introduction
  • Getting Profits
  • Products To Sell
  • networks
  • Create Your Website
  • Marketing
  • SEO & Twitter
  • FB Ads
  • Social media Automation
  • Email Secrets
  • Affiliate Case Study
  • Resources

1- Intro

2 - What Is Affiliate Marketing

3- Affiliate Strategies

4- Affiliate Worksheet

4a- Why Choosing A Niche Is Important

5- Choosing Your Affiliate Marketing Niche

5a- Affiliate Path

6- Example Of Choosing Your Niche

6a- How To Choose

6b- The Mistake

6c - Affiliate Niche Worksheet

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